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Join Our Private Placement Offering
Join us as we chronicle our journey to conduct our Private Placement Offering (PPO) as per the U.S. Securities Act. Regulation D Rule 506(c), to raise about $800 million needed to acquire our banking license and scale Abba Wallet across Africa and beyond. Find out more at

Abba Platforms Inc. is a collection of fast-growing brands at the cutting-edge of financial services, banking, technology, commerce, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, energy, real estate, and entertainment.

Abba Wallet, Abbain, Swyws, Abbafly, and Abba RailX


Simon Kapenda
Founder & Executive Chairman

Edgar Songanga
Chief Executive Officer

Isaac Baptista
Chief Financial Officer

Rauna Massamba
VP, Africa & Middle East

Our corporate governance is structurally comprised of the Board of Directors who are responsible for advising, guiding, and governing the affairs of the Company.

Our aim is to make a difference in the communities where we serve while creating values for our shareholders, expanding profitability, and promoting rapid growth and industry leadership.

Founded in June 2022, Abba Platforms Inc. is growing to become one of the most notable brands operating across Africa. The Company is incorporated under the U.S. State of Delaware General Corporation Law and is headquartered in New York City with an administrative office based in Windhoek, Namibia, and representative offices located in selected countries across Africa.

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